Wife for sale

Buy a wife from Vietnam for only $6K

  1. Guaranteed virgin
  2. Guaranteed to be delivered within 90 days
  3. NO extra charges
  4. If ran away within a year you get another one for FREE

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Hot spring

Brings new meaning to the word doesn’t it?

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Three a crowd

Eww… What’s wrong with the guy?

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Jeremy Lin – Asian men can jump

# 1 Myth – Asian men can’t jump. Just take a look at Jeremy Lin. He’s averaging 20 points a game and 7 assists.

#2 Myth – Athletes are not smart. Take another look at Jeremy Lin, a graduate of Harvard.

Kudos out to Jeremy Lin!!!!! Linsanity!!!

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Why do you need a big mouth?


Bootleg McDonald

When will the McD’s legal team come to close this guy down?

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Year of the Dragon Dumpling

This is the special Year of the Dragon Dumpling. Great way to celebrate 2012.

More about Year of the Dragon.

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Chuck Norris

Chuck can’t be compared to Bruce Lee.

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Street Fighters

Little Ryu and Ken are taking this to the extreme.

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Pet elephant

Don’t let him in the house though.

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